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  1. i need to link two laptops. only one has a NIC. i'm almost poss. that it can be done parallel or usb. can it be done through the modems? the other laptop can't use my external burner but i need to burn files off of it.
    machine 1,the one able to burning:
    xp pro, burner, 3 1/2 drv, 160 ram, 6 gig hdd, nic, modem, usb

    machine 2, has the files and no nic:
    xp pro, NO 3 1/2 drv, 128 ram, 10 gig hdd, modem, usb, IR

    i have a IEEEE(or whatever) rated parallel data rated cable, and reg. usb cables. whats the easiest way to link them? needed software?

    thank a lot, this has been driving me crazy.
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    you can use firewire if both have it, you will need to get FireNet though

    you can also get a PCMCIA NIC for the laptop without a NIC which would probably be the best (teamed with a crossover cable
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    i dont know what this 'firenet' is, but winxp (and im pretty sure 2000 pro) comes witha built in feature 'tcp/ip over 1394' which simply put is a network over firewire.
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    yeah I have noticed that but never tested it
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    If you want to connect using 1394, just set static IP addresses and the same subnet mask for both computers (from the TCP/IP properties of the 1394 Connection)

    Then use the Map Network Drive feature in Explorer to map the shared drives/folders.

    For eg. if one laptop has the IP and the drive is being shared with the name DATA, enter this into the Map Network Drive box:

    I'm not sure if it works, but it seems to be a logical solution.
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    Not ideal, but you could use the modems.
    One computer calls the second, and the second answers the call.
    Using Hyperterm you could do this. It would be slow, but doable.

    I would look into borrowing/begging/stealing a PC Card NIC (PCMCIA) and doing it that way. Almost a no brainer for XP Pro to use those.

  7. thanks for the info everyone. i knew i could do it through nics but wanted to avoid buying hardware. also the modems couldn't do it for me, no landline both myself and friend(with the other laptop) are cell only. guess he'll have to go for a nic. again, thanks for the help/info.