Like the new layout ?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by waddy, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. waddy

    waddy OSNN Senior Addict

    Hacked the board a bit today ...

    Do you like the new layout ?
  2. bmxjt

    bmxjt Guest

    i personally love this site and everything it offers.
  3. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    Looking good Waddy, love this site, best and most helpful forum I've ever seen. Keep it up =]
  4. max

    max Guest

    The new layout looks cool .. nice job
  5. waddy

    waddy OSNN Senior Addict

    Cheers guys ....

    I think it looks better .... I have a few more things to do in the next few days .. should be even better then...
  6. DrX

    DrX Guest

    Looks great ... i heard a rumour you are doing a rediegn on the front page ?

    True/False ?

  7. gothic

    gothic LinuXPert

    Cornwall Nr. England
    I visit daily, and feel it's the best forum around, but I may be a little dense here, could you give me a little hint as to what you changed???:confused: :confused:

    I hasten to add that aesthetically it has always been very pleasing. (Christ!! that was abloody mouthful)

  8. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk Administrator Staff Member Political User Folding Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    The forum has been updated to 2.2.2, the front page has now been updated to show the number of people on the forums and there have been a few visual tweaks, pacing betwen diff sections...

    DrX... Rumour? :D
  9. testuser2k

    testuser2k Guest

    still cant log on form the front page and access membercenter features, that suxs whyts it there if they cant be accesed.
  10. max

    max Guest

    Just use the exact same Username and Password as you do in the forum


    Though waddy told me that the new themes arent finished yet ... so if you login through the front page it gives you the ability to post comments etc there arent any other themes to use yet
  11. testuser2k

    testuser2k Guest

    still dont work ,

    i am beginning to wounder why i boutherd comng to this site now lol
  12. zman

    zman Guest

    Edited by Waddy : no need to be rude to him . thanks
  13. testuser2k

    testuser2k Guest

    Listen up

    yes i can type my username and password SO :p
    this is a Forum to help ppl not insult them.