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  1. I can't belive it I won a new Pc for my writeing some lame howto docs. The pc is almost the same stats as the one I sold befor, I am going to sell it cheaply in the paper since I realy need the cash and not another pc to drag around, I am not sure what to ask for it since I do not know much about it. Could you tell me a fair price to ask?

    700mhz athlon
    40gb hd
    128mb ram
    3d agp video card
    hauppauge wintv card
    dvd drive
    sound blaster 16
    cyclone blower
    modem us robotics 56K V.92 internal fax modem with x2
    upgraded 375 watt silent power supply
    case: genica mid tower info here:
    microsoft intellimouse optical
    microsoft internet keyboard
    15" monitor
    speakers: says "CA" on them on front, unsure of brand. I belive they are Cybera Auquistics, but unsure.
    dual boot: Windows xp, Windows 98.

    Notes: It is a new pc and not a refurbished one, It didn't come with many documents just a 2 year on site warrenty and a few manuels. I didn't open up the case because it has one of those silver stickers on the back if removed voids warrenty. It originaly had linux mandrake and windows 2000 installed on it, I reformated the hard drive and installed windows xp and windows 98 on them. I haven't installed anything elsed on on it.

    Everything is new except the monitor it is one of my used ones but it is still under warrenty. Sorry I didn't make a pic my pc cam is acting weird.:eek: :eek:
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    £500 but thats sterling i dunno how much in dollors i think its roughly 800??
  3. Wow, thanks for the response I realy didn't think I would get that much, I will put the ad in my local paper for $600 obo, and go down in price to $500 in need be.

    I live in Bakersfield, if any of you are local you can check out my ad in next weeks paper.
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    let us know how much it sells for.....