LG only burns 40x

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by snaarplukker, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. snaarplukker

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    My LG 40x12x40 burns only on 40x. Other speeds can nto be chosen... Try Nero, WinCD and Clone, all the same.

    Windows XP/SP1 Clou anyone??
  2. dabomb

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    have you buffer under-run on your burner?
  3. snaarplukker

    snaarplukker Guest

    Yes, and its enabled... could that be a problem?
  4. i think so,, if Buffer -UNderrun is enabled on mine, it locks the burn speed to 40x.
  5. mbunny

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    those are some screwed up burners....

    and that is why LiteOn and Plextor rule the market

    little thing i found out the other day, Plextor's are made by the same company that make LiteOn.

    Just diff packaging and slightly sturdier design...

    kinda says something about the quality of LiteOn burners =)
  6. djmorgan

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    I'd be very suprised if what you said was at all correct, firstly how are you measuring the speed?

    Any burner rated at a speed does not start burning at that speed the LG for example probably starts at about 12 and gradually works up to over x40 giving an average somewhere around x38 this is with perfect media which is hard to find.

    Get yourself CD Speed 1.01 which is a Nero tool it will show you what is happening.

    The LG 40/12/40 is limited at lower write speeds you can read a review at www.cdrlabs.com however it is rated as a very reliable and fast burner using P-Cav.

    Why do you want to control the burn speed in the first place?