Legit Xp Users(where)

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by john30uk, Aug 18, 2002.

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    I found this poll on amother good xp based site.

    view attached.
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    why will wordpad not paste to your site
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    Don't know, might have to do with the statement right below where you add attachments: Valid file extensions: gif jpg png txt zip bmp jpeg rar

    Wordpad likes to save stuff in rtf format, and looking on the list I don't see it. Try saving it in txt format, might have better luck

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    Can't wait to see how this thread developes. :eek:
  6. i guess u'll have to wait
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    i cant get your site to accept the pasted web page in any format i try if i use txt only the page is blank just forget and look over to heading under"did u pay for xp poll"on site url below.

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    From the site - copy & paste.

    The results for this poll dont surprise me much. I wont comment on what my vote was but I will say that I understand both people who bought it and also the people who didnt. One thing to understand about the people who didnt buy it is that its probably not because of the money. Why pay for something that infringes privacy and runs slower than previous versions of windows. Well its pretty and even that is up for debate.

    Yes - 24.86%
    No - 51.66%
    I hate Bill - 23.20%

    Total Votes = 362
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    The only reason I have XP is the VIAO came with it...and alot of other crap...like AOL. I had to spend a couple minutes removing that ****...but i can't remove XP.

    My buddies pop is the head software engineer and owns his own buisness or something and so they went into some best buy store and asked for a laptop without XP,,,the people who worked there were like "I'm sorry, we only have XP,, so they made a big ass scene and finally got the laptop with win2k
  10. yea those bustards always put some windows there, i'm always wondering though, would the computer be much cheaper with out any stuff on it? like $100-200 ?
  11. New Disease

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    that is such a good point but not likely
    thats just the cost of a graphics card these days *wishes i was rich* :rolleyes:
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    firstly.. its only 362 votes...

    and also it is well known that the majority of Windows XP users who didn;t buy it with a full system are warez copies...

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    *wonders if MDSalih is one of those users...* :p
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    I legitimately own XP Pro. However I don't know if the use is legitimate. ;)
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    I bought mine, £150. Because of a deal going on at the time I got £50 back from Microsoft (that was a cool feeling getting money from MS)
    I ended up getting XP Pro for £20 more than Home. It is now £70 more than Home.
    I got Pro as home wouldnt work on my school network. I later found out how to hack a little way through Home and get it to access resources on a Domain. Only on my school domain, doesnt work on others for some reason. Dont go to that school anymore.
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    I lown xp home, came with my computer, i use linux on it more tho