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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mafiafromrussia, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. i was kinda thinking here about learning another language. and i've narrowed it down to two now. german or french. but now i cant decide which to pick, which one of these two is easyer to learn.
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    Personally i would say French because a lot of other languages like Italian are similar to French if you want to learn others.
  3. Yep french.
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    yeah I go with that.... also more people speak french than german...

    :) like me
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    Go for French, German is very difficult to learn, especially the grammar, to many rules you must learn. Even though German is quite similar to Dutch, it's still very difficult for us (Dutch people) to learn.

    But if i were you i'd check this site first :D
  6. Friend of Bill

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    Latin is what you want to learn. Once mastered, move on to Greek.
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    :D when you will starts to learn french.... read this.

    Salut, je suis un québécois qui demeure à montréal et je vous encourage fortement à apprendre le français.
  8. as to grammar in german, i've been told that it's just like in russian, with all the rules and stuff. so that's not gona be very difficult. plus edish(one of jewish languages not sure of spelling) is about40-50% based on german, so it's posible to understand them if u know german. prononciation i think is ok too. but what about french? how's the grammar and rules in it?
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    I don't know Russian, so i have no idea if it's got the same rules and stuff. Ok, with German maybe the rules are not so complicated, the problem is (in my opinion) all the exceptions on those rules.
    Anyway, you're right about Jiddish or Yiddish if you can understand German then Jiddish wont be a problem and visa versa.

    Jiddish: Jiddiš is gor ništ asoi šwer!
    German: jiddish is gar nicht so schwer!
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    Almost forgot

    I had French (a long time ago) for three semesters, i thought it was not so difficult, i think the grammar and rules are quite logical. The problem is the prononciation. If that's not ok when you go to France they just ignore you, even when your spelling is perfect.
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    I don't speak French, but I do speak Spanish and from what I can gather this is the translation.

    "Hello, I am a Quebecan who is from Montreal and you are strongly urged to learn French."

    I doubt that is completely correct, but it is nice to know at least one Romance language.

    Oh and depending on where you are, you may want to learn Spanish.
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    learn french, it's easier.

    german looks cool too, but i personally find it less beautiful (in hearing) than french.

    get the french accent if you can, it's kewl!!

    i like languages too!! now i'm learning korean!:)
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    LISP...errr...PROLOG....i meant to say german. to much coding.............. :D
  14. well i think i'll start learning french in about a month or two, when i go to college. cuz so far most of who i asked answered in favor of french. so i'll learn this one and if i want i'll maybe get german later . gona be cool though learning this romantic language i guess
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    German is far more complicated and less useful.
  16. Why is german less usefull?
  17. Wrathchild

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    German vs. French

    Because far more people speak French than speak German. If you goal is to be able to communicate with more people, French is the better choice.

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    Guten tag, mafia. Lernen Deutsch.

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    I'm taking French my first semester next year.. heh
  20. I'm a fan of Japanese. It's harder to learn, but it is starting to be more useful.