leadtek winfast gf4 TI 128 meg agp 8x

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by rufo, Aug 26, 2003.

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    Me mate has a gf4 ti with 128 meg and agp 8x in his athlon 2600+, it has a msi mainboard and 512 meg ram. When he runs a graphics intensive game, it will run from between 5-10 mins, and then freeze up, we have checked the chipset/cpu/card temp and everything is what it should be, we tried clocking down the fsb/processor speed and still the same thing happens. Also installed the latest detonator drivers for it and tried the factory drivers as well and the same thing happens. Any ideas?
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    the year 2525
    try downclocking down the TI, updating the msi bios, and taking the side off the case to see if its overheating.
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    We have checked the card's temp, and also the cpu temp and it is well within operating parameters, both run between 45 degrees at idle to 52 degrees in games with the side of the case off, it is not overclocked and never has been, either has the cpu/mobo. The PS is a 400w item that came with the case
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    No , temperatures are not the negative factor .. you should try that Ti on another pc . and see what happends .. best solution I can see now .