Leadtek Ti4400 Noise

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by fitfella29, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. fitfella29

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    just installed this card today and the excessive noice from the two fans is quite irritating.anyone else got one of these cards?
  2. gsybe

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    leadtek ti4400 loud?

    Yes - I have the same deal and yes it is loud as hell - however - I have several case fans - bad ones - that are also seemingly loud - so I am not sure how loud it is all by itself... you'd think they could keep the decibels down below the range of an army carrier plane at full load though....

    hope you enjoy the performance though and have resilient hearing - the card mostly rocks for me except for medal of honor which crashes - but I think it may be due to my overheating CPU - I am in the process of getting a new heatsink/fan...

  3. fitfella29

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    i can see a huge difference when i play sof2 my previous card was a gf 2 64mb.mohaa plays perfect for me too all on high detail.have you done any benchmarks on it yet? i got 9449 that was when i o/v it to 300 / 600.default settings was about 9100.
  4. gsybe

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    no benchmarks

    hey fitfella - i have not done any benchmarking... do not even have any of the software and have never used that stuff.. do you have any recommendations? I may try it out one day and let you know my stats for comparison if you want...

    enjoy your new geforce 747 ti.... hehe
  5. fitfella29

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    did u get the retail version if so load up the software "win fox" thats on the cd and it has a program in there allowing u to overclock the card.from what ive read the highest it`ll go whilst still being stable is 325/690.not sure if i`d have it set this high maybe id set it to 300/650.ive did a benchmark test and the highest ive got it overclocked is 9449 which i think is a tad low.

    when im playing games i just pump up the volume and i can`t hear the damn fans,lol
  6. fitfella29

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    read youre reply wrong im not with it today! thought it read u havent done any overclocking rather than benchmarking.

    go to hear and download 3dmark2001 se: