Leadtek Geforce3 ti200 and Detonator 23.11 problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lothar, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. Lothar

    Lothar Guest

    I recently built my new machine which consists of the following configuration:

    OS: Win XP Pro (all latest critical updates)
    mobo: Tyan Tiger s2460 (ver 1.03 bios)
    Proc: Dual Athlon 1.33ghz
    RAM: 256mb reg ECC DDR PC2100
    Sound: SBLive X-Gamer 5.1
    HD: Maxtor 40gig 7200rpm
    Graphics: Leadtek Geforce 3 Ti200

    In the default video driver configuration my computer works great and when I installed the Detonator 23.11 drivers the computer boots up fine but right after I log in I get a blue screen of death with the following error:
    NMI: Parity Check/ Memory Parity Error

    I then booted up in safe mode and uninstalled the Detonator drivers and now everything works fine again. Is there anyway I can successfully install this driver or do I have to use an early version of the Detonator driver? Anyone have this problem?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Bubdar

    Bubdar Guest

    Ran into the same issue before with Ti200...

    Use 21.88 Drivers... Seems to be the best performace from that driver version(s) anyway.. according to 3dBench2001 tests I ran..

    Hope this helps..
  3. RichXPard

    RichXPard Guest

    I have the TI-200 and I'm running the 23.12 drivers with no problems what so ever. I was having some lock up problems with the 23.11 drivers, but it looks like they've fixed those problems.
  4. a_scoundral

    a_scoundral Guest

    One of the other posts said it was memory. Apparently some dude fixed his PC by changing out his memory modules. I fixed it with 21.83 nVidia Drivers. I have a Ti500...

    Now, if I could just play a game built off the Quake III Engine...

    I am considering rolling back to win2k until the bugs are out of XP.

    I'm a gamer. If I can have to choos between a pretty OS and playing games. Umm, games please!

    Or maybe dual booting. Games OS and a multimedia OS.