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  1. silky62678

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    I read somewhere That LCD Flatscreen moniters/ver CPT moniters are not that good with high demanding games. Is that true? i wanted to get a flat screen but i wanted to check before i get one.
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    That is correct.
    For these few years the CRT's are still better, I was
    also considering a flat panel, but when i found that out
    quickly changed my mind. A very good CRT for in case
    you want to know is the Samsung Syncmaster 757MB/957MB
    (17 and 19").
    The LCD's don't display as vivid and bright colors in games are the CRT's do. They aren't designed for it........yet


    Yngwie II
  3. silky62678

    silky62678 Guest

    So, flatscreen is not a good choice if u like playing games on the computer ?
  4. ditchhopper

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    Some are better than others but you still end up seeing some ghosting or after images on flatpanels. Ive used quite a few and a standard crt is almost always the better choice for gaming.
  5. Yngwie_II

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    Flat panel is definitely not a good choice for gaming at this
    moment. Go for a flatscreen CRT. The samsungs i mentioned
    are really great man check them out.
  6. Kevin Ar18

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    Want a simple example of what the problem is. Go to a store that has a computer connected to an LCD. Move the mouse really fast across the screen. You will notice that the mouse leaves a blurry trail because the monitor is not fast enough to redraw the graphics on the page. Compare that to what you see on a regular CRT.

    As a side note, the one specification that affects this is the Response time measured in milliseconds.
    As a point of reference CRD monitors have a response time of 9-12 ms (milliseconds)
    Some of the bad LCDs have response times of 50 - 30.
    Lately LCDs have been averaging around 25ms.
    There have been a few that have come close to CRTs. One has a response time of 16ms
    See this link:

    However there is a problem with monitors like the above one that have lower response times than normal LCDs. These monitors that try and give you a faster response time use a technology that sacrifices image quality. As someone else mentioned, LCDs do not have as good image quality. The simple fact is that they cannot reproduce as many colors as a CRT, but for some people they might not care.

    I don't know the technical details for all the LCD technology, however there are several different variations of the LCD technology. Some of the newer methods for making LCDs have improved the color reproduction a little more, but they still can't get close to CRT response times.
    Recently, some manufactures have been trying for lower response times, and according to what I read, they have used an older LCD technology that is not as good with colors in order to accomplish this.
    Honestly, I'm not sure if this is still the case, but it's just a though for consideration. Basically the two big drawbacks that you must throuroughly check out when buying an LCD is color reproduction (which would take quite a while to explain all the issues involved) and response time.

    Having said all that, I have heard that the Apple LCDs actually do pretty good in terms of color reproduction and response time.