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    Ok, I got bored and started surfing/searching new stuff for Vista...

    Now found these kewl things:

    Did you know that:

    • When you shift right-click a file you get "copy as path" option in the context menu? Really handy if you need to input a file location somewhere and you don't feel like browsing to that file. Other options in the "shift-context menu" are 'Pin to start menu' and 'add to quicklaunch'.
    • 'Command Prompt Here' - XP powertoy is included by deafult in Vista; just shift right-click a folder and the option auto-magically appears in your context menu.
    • User shell folders (the one in c:\users\%username%\) can be redirected. Just right click any folder you want to redirect, pull up the properties of it, click on tab "Location" and type in the new path. I find it handy to redirect my 'My Music' and 'My Videos' shell folders to my partitions with mp3's and videos/movies. It's a real shame there is no way of creating custom shell folders (that I know of)
    • And finally: Daily Dilbert Sidebar gadget attached. :nervous:
    It was a productive sunday after all... (well, at least compared to I'm-hung-over - wanna sleep - leave me alone - Sundays). Hope I'm not making double posts here... Didn't search at first, coz hey - it's Sunday. :)



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    It would be nice if the "Open Command Window Here" would be present at all times like the XP PowerToy added.