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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by synical33, Jan 20, 2005.

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    hey guys i was checking out some music videos from (any other alternatives?) and i stumbled upon this weird ad. The ad was mostly a rip off of the "tape" from The Ring. You know the crazy happenings and the tree and the horse and the weird stuff. But at the end of the ad it shows off a logo for this site . I went in there with a curiosity in mind and they have some really REALLY odd posts in there Forums. This was before researching all their other posted links that they have acailable under the Links (they also have a supposed "copy" of the tape the link is in there but its the online version yet i havent dared to view it myself for the sake of health and sanity).

    So has anyone else stumbled upon this site and know if it is for publicity or reality because some statements are believable but most are just a waste of time. If anyone cares to share their opinion please do so. I believe i have dove into it too far so if anyone cares please post something thatnx :)
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    I am always curious of these things mainly because I don't believe in anything like this at all.

    I got a great kick out of looking at what people say and who get so caught up in these things and think they are seeing visions and what not.

    My opinion...utter garbage and total BS

    the best part about this is that one of the links on the site has a warning on it and says to pass it on in 7 days or you die

    THEN you see that the data on the website is being transferred from DREAMWORKS.COM hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...what crap