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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kylie, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    Hi Guys, George [a.k.a. AXCEL216, "the tweaker maniac"] here, invading
    your email box again. :) I got a couple of news bits [and downloads] you may be interested in:

    A few weekly "trickly" updates from my web site [12-4-2001]:

    - New WinXP tip ["WINXP PRO QOS FIX"]:

    - New WinME tip ["WINME WBEM (WINMGNT) BUG + FIX"]:

    - Updated Win2000/XP tip ["DISABLE FILE PROTECTION"]:

    - Updated Win95/98/ME tip ["DETONATOR 22.XX BUG + FIX"]:

    - Updated Win9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP tip ["ALWAYS UNLOAD DLLS"]:

    New/updated "FREE Windows 2000/XP Extras":

    - Forget about MS RAM Disk driver for 2000/XP [maximum RAM disk
    size is only 30 MB]. Say hello to AR RAM Disk Driver v1.02 for NT4/2000/XP [freeware]! This baby can create a virtual disk in memory up to 2 GB (!), and bundles
    even a dedicated Control Panel applet [.CPL], with tons of settings:

    thanks to Fred langa
    and Axle216
  2. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    APK - I cant get this to show in XP ??? Did you get it running
  3. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    Okey dokey thats clear as mud LOL :D :D

    Back to school for me I think :p
  4. waddy

    waddy OSNN Senior Addict

    So have we worked out if it works or not APK and kylie ?

    or can you get it working APK , i wanna try this puppy out :)