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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by BLEHg0d, Jan 20, 2002.

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    OK everyone- I run http://TMCM.cjb.net and I was wodnering how i would go about adding a SECTION on my left nav bar that says "Latest 5 Posts" just like xp-erience.org has on theirs. I REALLY like this so could someone provide me with a link to the code or just post the code in here? I have vbulletinboard 2.2.1 so it should work i just need the code for that. If you coudl- it'd be greatly appreciated!!!
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    top secret info... go and spend a month doing it... and wait for someone to rip it off you!


    P.S. You better hope waddy is more generous then i am ;)
  3. waddy

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    Different VBulletin and different website = create a new script

    This script only works on 5.2 and vBulletin Version 2.2.0
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    Hmmm, am I missing a trick or is this feature no longer working. After looking at the home page it appears the last 5 posts aren't actually the last 5. Is this something to do with the fact you have upgraded to latest version (2.2.2) of Vbulletin ?
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    Doh - not looking properly - it does work!!!

    Sorry fellas, nice touch and neat site :D