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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Arcticcat4Us, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. Arcticcat4Us

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    I have a destroyed hp pavilion n5425 [ lower portion only].
    The screen is in perfect condition.Have (2) plugs coming out at bottom of screen. I want to convert the LCD screen into a stand alone monitor. Anyone know who does this
    type of work ??
  2. Arcticcat4Us

    Arcticcat4Us Guest

    Yep......complicated it would be, but..... there's always somone
    out there who can do it ??!!??!!
    It has the 2 plugs coming out...figure one is power and of course the other vga.....NP !!
  3. its not that easy
    most lcd's especially in laptops don't use vga they use a digital video input so you would need a decoder/adapter/powersupply interface board........
    used to have a link to company that made them.... if i can find ill link

    heres something, ive got a lcd/controller there for my car computer
  4. Arcticcat4Us

    Arcticcat4Us Guest

    Thanks Man....... thats the place !!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^

    if they can't whip 0ne out 4 the hp panel....i'm
    getting one of their other 1's

    Whats really cool is they sell card/screen combo's
  5. i know i got a 12" one there that had a vga converter on back and ran on 12v for a car computer/mp3 player very nice
  6. beatlesdb

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    Let us all know how u go - personally I don't think it can be done - as they LCD display is probably custom made to a specific controller - goodluck
  7. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    By the way, how did you manage to destroy it anyway?
  8. Arcticcat4Us

    Arcticcat4Us Guest

    Hmmmmm....... you wanna know ??????

    The laptop was in the pits here in Daytona during trials
    last month. We were dyno testing new bikes and some
    jerk-off [from Yamacrama] backed out of the staging area
    [clearly marked] and ran over it. We n e v e r leave laps
    on the ground......first rule when testing.We own several
    industrial rolling platforms which house all electronics but
    I had embarked on my own quest to dyno the new 4-stroke
    from a yet (un-named) mfg. Anyhoooo...... I was where i should'nt of been and i learned a very expensive lesson. BUT.... I did obtain some very interesting info in regards to the new generation of 4-strokes...!!!!!! Results of test will be reviewed in some national
    bike mags later this month.

    what i can tell ya......... 221 MPH