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Discussion in 'Portable Devices & Gadgets' started by $triker, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. $triker

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    I honestly know close to nothing about laptops, never bought one and never cared to look into it. But as a graduation gift my parents told me they would buy me the laptop of my choice "within reason." I heard really great things about the alienware area-51m so i went of over to take a look and it's pretty impressive but then again what do I know. I really don't know where to start: alienware or dell or other... what's the dif between intell 4 M or the normal intell 4...
    I'd really appreciate the opinions of those of you who have laptops.
    Thnx in advance
  2. Tabula Rasa

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    I Really like the Compaq Presario laptops, they have everything you have in a Desktop comp, but they are small and portable.
    as for the perice check out Here , probably can be found at lower prices elsewhere...
  3. Zedric

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    The P4M i believe has the ability to lower the clock frequency when it's not being used in order to save power. I think it's also a bit slower than a desktop P4.
  4. XP Abuser

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    the p4 mobile steps down its power usage and core frequency to save precious power and also runs cooler which is essential in a laptop cuz theres not much space for heatsinks and what not

    if anyont puts a desktop processor in a laptop to cut costs...slap them
  5. wahoo24jc

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    XP abuser is right...If you are getting a laptop, get the P4m. What is the point in having a laptop if the processor drains your battery in an hour or less? BTW does anyone actually have the Area 51m? I'm considering getting one!:D
  6. pothitos

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    personally, i like the ibm laptops, i think they have a nice design and they have some pretty decent features.
  7. funky dredd

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    I have a Dell Lattitude. I have not had any problems with, I got it with 256 ram and windows xp. So I went ahead and got a 512 stick of ram and that thing just cruises!!!
  8. Nick M

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    Alienware laptop should be hot..if not that, I would go with IBM or sony. I don't like Dell, but, their laptop's are ok.
  9. $triker

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    yeah, and how big is the difference between 1 dimm or two, is it worth 200$ or so?:

    512MB 266MHz DDR SDRAM (2 dimm)
    512MB 266MHz DDR SDRAM (1 dimm) <-200$ more usually
  10. wahoo24jc

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    I dont think it would be worth the extra $200. The only disadvantage I can see is that with 2 DIMMs, you cannot upgrade anymore unless you take out a DIMM. Not a major disadvantage however and definitely not worth $200.