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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by canadian_divx, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. canadian_divx

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    is there a way that i can consurve power on my laptop???
    any programs or things that i can turn off in XP pro????
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    Have you looked into Windows Services ?
  3. canadian_divx

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    i ahve bu i didnt see anything printed by microsoft that says that they would take up more if more were running, right now the cpu will be at like 3% when working on word prossing and 30% when loading a office program, and PF usage is about 76mb all the time
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    if you have a newer intel penium 3 or 4 chip, you will have speedstep technology. see control panel-system-computer, it will tell you the processor frequency and the usage at the moment. the best way to save energy on a laptop is: keeping the hhd from spinning (under power management, and by having lots of ram) and by turning your lcd screen dark, the brighter it is, the more energy you use. any programs that run in the background are peanuts compared to those two things.

    cheers, EJ :cool:
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    ok, first, the cpu will always be clocked down when on batteries, so there's not alot more to do about that.

    you can lower the intensity of the display when on batteries, and that will help quite a bit.

    ypu can close the laptop lid when powering up, and that will save a little.

    I don't think turning sevices off will save any jusice,

    once launced, services do not use cpu unless they are being accesed

    try not to use any drives when on batts, and try to write and move files when you are plugged in.

    just common sense like this will give you about 10 extra minutes.

    here'ssomething that will triple your battery useage.

    switch to a mac
  6. canadian_divx

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    thanks for the replys people and if i had the money i would buy a mac laptop but i am a student in grade 12, i have nothing...