Laptop LCD going crazy...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dr. Kramer, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Dr. Kramer

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    Ok, so this has happened in the past, and gone away, but now it's back and it's really pi$$ing me off. I have an idea of what it is, but I wanted to see what the consensus is. This starts within 10 minutes of having the laptop on. I can hook up an external LCD without any problems...


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  2. falconguard

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    have you checked your display settings? if so what are they, you might be set at a high rate, for your video.
  3. mlakrid

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    I dont know about LCDs for sure, but on projection screens when this type of disply happens it is the ribbon cable that is attached to the screen itself which gives the signals of what to display that causes it...
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    Yeah, along the lines of mlarkid said. It looks like the row information for the bottom of the screen is not getting through. Broken ribbon or flex cable if you are lucky. If not the line driver transitors are dead and you need a new screen.

    It looks more like wiring to me. As the screeen heats the materials expand and the wire pulls away from the connection. Look for bad solder joints or crimps on the ends of any flex or ribbon cables.

    Try raising and lowering the screen a few times and see if the display comes back. Then try gently tapping at different points and in diferent directions. Warning - the taping could make it worse.
  5. Henyman

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    mine does that, is the ribbon. To fix it is as above, just open and close the screen a few times till it goes bk to normall ;)