lan problem in win xp pro

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    hey guys help me out :confused:

    i have been using windows xp pro, which i downloaded from somewhere, well it has no problems

    but since i have put a broadband connection to it, whenever i start my pc, my doesn't respond properly, means that whenever i start the pc or restart it, i can't use the lan, and it shows a cross on the norton anitvirus thing also, and after about 15 secs, the cross goes away and i can use my lan and connect to the net, before when using dial- up had no problems like this

    plzz help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    nortons is a little slow to start with mine is about the same way as yours it has always been this way for me I am on dsl also
  3. thanx but ....................................

    i have also installed mcaffe, then too is the same problem with it, and once i installed a original win xp, the problem is not there, i think is some problem with the pirated xp, but its just this problem and none other, the system quite stable, i have been using it since december 2001, and then i bought a new machine 3 months back and i installed the copy of win xp pro.......

    i m gettin crazy maan, such a superb piece of software and its givin some **** probs..........., well i think if someone can help :(

    well "kermit" thanx a lot for replyin

    sush!!!!!!!!!!! :confused: