laggy & choppy mouse in Quake 3

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by XPro-TaNK, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. XPro-TaNK

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    when i play quake 3 online or offline in win xp, my mouse seems really off aim, laagy and choppy moving. I did follow what one quake 3 forum ( say to do is to turn off mouse accel and set your windows mouse setting and like and love it before you install Q3A. This gave a better mouse movement then the first couple of times that i installed Xp but not better than Win 98 or ME mouse movements so post back soon if you have answer.

  2. Nick M

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    clean the mouse.
  3. XPro-TaNK

    XPro-TaNK Guest

    its not dirt thats causing it. its obviously a software issue and NOT my mouse.
  4. Kevin Ar18

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    I doubt I know what the real problem is, but I'll just mention some basic ideas just in case.

    Have you downloaded the drivers from the website of the company that made the mouse?

    Do you have a slow video card? The the mouse will be jerky in 3D games and 3D programs if you do.
  5. XPro-TaNK

    XPro-TaNK Guest

    1. im using the default WinXP PS/2 Mouse drivers. its not a special mouse its just a basic 2 button microsoft mouse.

    2. i have a GeForce 4 MX420 gfx card so its not like slow gfx card like a intergraded gfx card (ex-Intel 810e giving tops 15fps in Q3)would be. Anyway the GF4 has done quite well with Q3 and other games but under Win98se and ME. XP has always acted funny with me and my games so I probally end up switching back to 98se for total compatablity.
  6. Sinster

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    Turn off Zone Alarm if you have it.
  7. TechSupport

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    1. your mouse problem...
    a) you might wanna try the XP mouse fix... just run the reg file i attached (its zipped) and reboot
    b) at the console (in-game) try typing /in_mouse -1 and press enter - then type in /in_restart and enter. that helps a bit.

    2. graphics...
    a) get the latest graphics drivers from
    b) ive had 76fps (my designated cap) at 640x480 on an intel810e onboard graphics card with p3 733mhz so they're not that crap m8y :)