Lag in xp, Mouse/keyboard/packet loss

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by So_Super, Jan 30, 2002.

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    Yeah Yeah. It's probly been here before, but I cant find it anywhere...
    Lag in cs
    Wether it be the mouse, keyboard or werid packet loss, it's always there, how do I get rid of it is my question.
    I have tried everything, i've even tried installing nvidia drivers from the 11x range, i've tried windows updates compatablity mode, the -consol thing, reinstalling my hole network old mouse drivers, new mouse drivers, nvidia tweaks via drivers old and new amd xp update NOTHING WORKS if anyone can help me PLEASE DO
    I'm now considering reinstalling windows xp.
    Also my hard drive keeps reading for some reson, this problem also happens in other games like quake 3.

    OS: Windows XP Home
    Mobo: Soltek SL- 75DRV(kt 266)
    GFX: GeForce 2 Pro (with dvd decoder)
    CPU: AMD XP 1600+
    RAM: 256 MB (DDR)
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    This aint no cure....sorry

    Sorry I havent got a cure as such but Ive noticed that when u change the modem rate to 3500 (at halflife console) it seems to make a difference...also try changing internet speed (on filter,server page)I tried changing to 256k...believe it or not my net packet write errors have reduced by 50 %...but unfortunatly still happen more regularly than they should.
    I know its damn annoying...but hopefully the big M will sort out a fix soon as if u read forums everywhere...Everyone seems to be having this problem...It aint just you buddy !!!!:)