L!ve Aid 2?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Lee, Jun 1, 2004.

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    A few days ago I heard on talk sport that bOnO (aka U2 fame) was thinking about starting the wheels in motion for another LIVE AID. It was then scoffed at, with quotes he has no idea what the press are talking about.

    Then today, he has been on skybsb news saying it would be a great idea.

    I can agree in some respects, my problem with this all is usually a lot of the money ends up in the hands of rogue leaders. Some of these leaders have lots of expensive cars, Palaces, Homes and Villas all over the World and live the life of Riley why their so called people starve.

    Food envoys usually get hijacked by gangsters, hijackers have to be bribed to allow food and water equipment to the starving.

    My problem with all of this, is, that the governments should be taken over by the UN and run correctly removing these rogue leaders and mafia type gangsters. Schemes should be set up to educate on h.i.v. and other tropical diseases, education and good basic standards of living.

    I am at the tired stage now, please add your comments, I am interested in what you think.
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    If only it was that easy. Remember what Black Hawk Down was all about?