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    Has anybody tried this? Somebody was asking about how hard/easy it was to install linux and according to this version, Its as easy as booting up from a cd??

  2. SPeedY_B

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    The entire o/s runs off cd. Your HDD isn't touched.

    Insert CD -> Turn on computer -> Linux boots up. :)
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    I wasn't aware that the original Knoppix ran from CD but I know the STD distro does. Either way, the complete install for STD was a breeze and I have a post here if you want to check it out. As I stated in my post, I used the typical install for regular knoppix and had little issue. There were some networking problems once I put it to the HDD but they were due to my inexperince with Linux in general.

    So far, its a great OS with lots of toys to play with. I mainly needed to take my junker laptop to vaca with me and wanted a stable setup to check email and so on. Beyond that, its been a pretty fun learning tool.