kick other users off modem line??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by npfanz, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. npfanz

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    I am home for the summer and sick of my family members leaving their computers connected on our 56k line, so then I have to go around and figure out which one is connected. There must be a program that will use my modem to clear the line and disconnect any modem thats connected, does anyone know how to do this??
  2. Alex_is_Axel

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    Are all your computers connected to a network in your home?
  3. npfanz

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    Nope, there would be no benefit to that. The cost of a wireless network to share a lightning fast 56k line?? :)

    I just hate having to go find out who forgot to disconnect the latest time....
  4. 2z

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    If you try to connect your pc a few times usually the line noise is enough to get the other pc booted. Some modems are better at this than others, I used to have an old ambienth modem that would kick a robotics modem 1st time, were as the ambienth modem would keep its connection for longer. Some mobile phones seem to be really good at losing the connection. When a freind of mine wants to get through she only has to call twice before I get booted......Dont you just love 56k dialups :rolleyes:
  5. npfanz

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    Haha, I guess I can just try to hammer them :)

    And yes I absolutely loathe 56k. I want my cable back (which won't happen until fall semester starts...)
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    just pick up the nearest phone and start punching buttons that always worked for me when my lil sis was online but that was back in the day try that it should work
  7. npfanz

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    Thanks, but we have one line for the internet and one for phones. So the 56k line doesn't have any phones connected to it. I could connect one, but getting to this jack behind my desk would be as much work as just finding the guilty computer :D Thanks for the idea though.