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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tjajm, Apr 12, 2002.

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    Why is that most of the songs that kazaa brings up are 128 bithrate out of 100 downloaded song or atrist only a few are over 128 bithrate, is this because the users are carring that bithrate in there mp3 songs?, when you download from Winmx etc most of the bitrate there are 192 and over.
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    Just one hint: use kazaalite!

    It includes certain changes that allows you to share over 128 bitrate files and also shos more than 100 search results.

    Cheers, Oerficus
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    oerficus, i do have 1.60 kazaa lite installed and the register value is 64-100 downloads, but that was not my question.

    superred, thanks for the link, you undrestood the question, in kazaa lite bitrate value is set to 0 for higher bitrate how ever the kazaa value for downloads is 64 =100, what is the value to increase downloads, i tried changing to 500 no available. and the link also says that higher bitrates are rare, why? when other services offer more.
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    higher bitrates on kazaa are rare due to carryover principals...a HUGE part of the people sharing on the kazaa network...are sharing files downloading from the kazaa network...now add in most people don't use the bitrate hack to see higher bitrates...therefore they settle for 128...each time someone downloads it at 128..you have another person sharing 128...

    I share over 8000 files on kazaa with 90% of them being bitrates of 192...but i'm not downloaded from for music often because most people don't use the bitrate hack so they never see my files :)

    thats why there are FAR more 128 then 192
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    I use Kazaa Lite. I dont like it for downloading music for the 128 bit scenario listed above. I use WinMX for music. They have all sorts of bit rates and you can choose which bitrate you want. Nice!
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    Thanks for clearing it up i'm at 320 mp3 and like you most are 192, we will just have to be patience