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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Moejoe, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Moejoe

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    I made the dumb mistake of using ad-aware and removing basically everything it suspected was spy ware without backin up, so now kazaa wont start due to a missin dll file, not that i care much since i wanted to get kazaa lite anywayz, but i cnt uninstall it either! i get a error msg sayin 'error loading c:\windows\system32\cd_clint.dll the specified module could not be found', so how am i gonna get rid of this thing with out having to do a complete reformat.:huh:
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Don't panic Moejoe. Just reinstall kazaa then remove it. :)
  3. Nick M

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    Better yet, download Kazaa Lite 2.02.
  4. zoey

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  5. Herkalees

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    I can e-mail you a "DUMMY" cd_clint.dll file. It came with Kazaa Lite. It will work with your Kazaa (regular). Again it is a DUMMY file, meaning it will fool Kazaa enough to work normal again, but it won't be "spyware" anymore.

    Just e-mail me, and I'll send it over.
  6. Grandmaster

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    Yes I agree...that would be the easiest way to remove it...:)
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    As a sidenote to all of the responses, when you get Kazza, make sure you download the version that enables "Super Being" participation levels. I used to think this participation level was garbage, but it actually does serve as a function. It enables you to use "search for more" as many times as you want. Without it, I think you can only use it twice. More people to d-load from, the faster the speeds. Plus, I honestly think they set aside more bandwith for really high participation levels. In short, i get outrageously fast downloads...things that would take hours now take minutes
  8. Moejoe

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    Hey you guys i tried to reinstall and it just started to uninstall the original version, so all works out fine, thanks a bunch everybody

    The 'super bieng' thing, is just what i need , anybody know where i can get it?
  9. zoey

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    use the site I have listed above. Its also included in the newest kazaa lite.
  10. Moejoe

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    Checking it out right now, thanks Zoey!:happy: