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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XP Abuser, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. XP Abuser

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    ok i got the latest version of kazaa lite 2.0.3 but now my downloads are not turning from .dat files to proper extension and im getting poor speeds some as low as 11 kilobytes but i know i can get max of 59kB and i click find more sources on speed up and it dont
    has the geezer thats modded the kazaa seriously fawked up or has all these kazaa lites finally destroyed the harmony of the network. and also i think people are optin out of being supernodes as this new search more option is flooding their connection just a thought

    has anyone else had problems with kazaa as ive reformatted 3 times and still cant get it workin like b4 BTW im gettin normal speeds on downloads off da www

    i wanna know if its me or kazaa:D cheerz
  2. ordeth51

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    i think it is you buddy
  3. the reason that u r getting low speeds is because u r probably downloading off someone with a 56k or something like that. Try to find people with faster modems.

    My top speed is about 96 KB and sometimes I download at 80-90 and sometimes I go as low as 4-5 but not very often, usually im at around 60.
  4. Kazaa has changed now, you no longer get your top speed if available, you are in a participation queue, the more you share the faster your downloads will be, in share i mean don't cancel the files that people are getting from you, also you are in a speed queue as well, you will only get the top speed when it is your turn
  5. he said that he has Kazaa Lite 2.0.3 which means that he has that speed up crack so his participation level is 1000, so i dont think thats the issue.
  6. XP Abuser

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    ive used kazaa for ages and kazaa lite and its only started happening since monday so what gives i used to get speeds of 64 max 56 normal now i get 4 -20 so its a problem and id notice a problem that drastic and also ive reformatted 3 times cuz i take no **** and it still does it.

    has anyone else experienced this:(
  7. Teddy

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    Formatted 3 times!!!! Slightly OTT.

    See attached, might help. i use it myself and i get speeds of 45kbs +.
  8. XP Abuser

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    bollox to this im reformatting 2mo this is definetly a prob with me
  9. chris

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    reformatting because kazaa wont work? sounds a little extreme to me.

    you could try downloading another version of kazaa lite as there are two main ones. theres http://www.k-lite.tk, or theres http://www.kazaalite.com

    I use the k-lite one with no problems at all, i actually think the latest is the most all round release yet.
  10. Kr0m

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    Ok Guys i reformatted cuz this is getting up my arse now and still no max speed i think my isp has capped the bandwidth on kazaa as i only get 15 kb and i know that people im downloading from have way more than that and also where it says bandwidth im getting 65 but when i open up the groups for a particular file theyre on t1 and cable you dont know how annoying this is i tried all versions of kazaa lite and even kazaa still the same **** anyone else got this prob
  12. Nick M

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    * laughing *

    You're screwed.

    Use Piolet ( look it up ) or Overnet. Or WinMX. or any other p2p program.
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    yeh ok cheerz nick:)
  14. paul2-0-0-2

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    Happens to me no lol and when there nearly finshed they just stop and go :confused:

    I though it was just me cause my PC gone wired lol

  15. XP Abuser

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    what isp you with
  16. paul2-0-0-2

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    Telewest Braodband
  17. XP Abuser

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    me with bt broadband ive resorted to bearshare not many files and a few sources but its smokin fast again:)
  18. Geffy

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    the normal Kazaa port is 1214, if you change it to 6502 (Netscape Video Conferencing Port) then it should be better.

    Thats only if they are doing it on a port basis.
  19. XP Abuser

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    ok cheerz geffy i did change the port to 2000 cuz i didnt have a list of ports to hand but still ill try your solution;)
  20. muzikool

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    Not that many of us don't use KaZaA or could help you out, but it might be beneficial for you to post on the board at k-lite.tk, if you haven't already. You might be able to find more users there that have had the same problem, and they might have a solution they have figured out. Just a suggestion.