Kazaa and Imesh using 100% cpu power?? why??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ThePunkerGuy, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. ThePunkerGuy

    ThePunkerGuy Guest

    Hi, here is my problem... I use Kazaa and Imesh allot. I have just recently developed this annoying problem. Kazaa and Imesh use 100% of my cpu power when they are running? Why is this? What can i do about it.. i use Kazaa lite and clean Imesh and they do it also. Well, its just annoying.. and sometimes they settle down and dont use 100% of power for a minute, then they start back up.. even if i do or do not have downloads or uploads going.. weird.
    - Mike
  2. GaMMa

    GaMMa Guest

    It might be because Altnet started, but I don't know if it has or not. Altnet uses your unused cpu power for their own evil things... Get kazaa lite.
  3. ThePunkerGuy

    ThePunkerGuy Guest

    I am using Kazaalite and the Cleaned Imesh client from cleanclients.tk
  4. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    what version kazaalite u using?
  5. ThePunkerGuy

    ThePunkerGuy Guest

    I was using the 1.6.1 or whatever and it was doing it, i just updated to the newes 1.7.1 or whatever and it is still doing it.. and Imesh does it to (I am using the cleaned Imesh client also)
    - Mike