KaZaA AdWare updated in 1.6

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  1. So you all downloaded KaZaA 1.6 right. I did. Looks real smooth and runs great. Anyway, about that adware. CyDoor has been updated. The 3-25 reference file for Ad-Aware detects 3 reg entries for CyDoor. I delete them, but in the new KaZaA, they get added all over again the next time you run KaZaA. Anybody know how to remove Bullshit Digital? I saw that somewhere, but in the new version of KaZaA, I'm guessing its a tad harder to remove it. Any other KaZaA spy/ad-ware news or tweaks to help me? thanks.
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    Download KazaaLite at the following website - 0% spyware and version 1.6 on the way soon.


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    Just out of curiosity, what would happen if I installed the 1.6 patch to Kazaa Lite? Would all the ads and stuff get restored?
  4. yeah I would think so. Since CyDoor and BDE are part of the update process. (their components get updated) I used the fake cydoor dll for 1.5.1 and when installation came along it updated it to the original, so I had to go back and change it. I would say either it would install the adware or the installation wouldn't work.

    Also their is a file which apparently removes BDE from your hdd. It is called something like BDEclean.exe in C:\Windows\BDE\

    As far as CyDoor goes, the fake Cd_clint.dll can replace the normal one from kazaa 1.6 and it will stay that way, so cydoor shouldn't work. :) I also blocked access to six of its ad servers through blocked sites in IE6, but maybe I should block with firewall.
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