just reformatted w/ winxp pro :(

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ripndip, Mar 4, 2002.

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    and now my fps in CounterStrike blow my old OS was Win98 SE, my comp specs are i got a p3 651mhz, 40gb HD, 256mb ram, gf2 mx400 on winxp, before on win98 i used to get 50-60 fps in counterstrike which is horrible for the spec's atlease i think so, i reformatted completly with winxp pro installed the refresh rate fix from this site, got detonator drivers turned off vsync and my CS runs in 800x600 OpenGL Mode. so now you know my specs :( can joo help ?
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    64mb gf2 mx400
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    Hey man, I have a GF2 MX PCI and PII 350Mhz and I get over 60FPS constant @ 1024x768 - Running in openGL and overclocked to 200/200 Core and Clock speed, also attached some SDRAM cooling and a blueorb GPU cooler.

    And you will also find Windows 98 is the best for benchmarking, I.E. FPS etc

    Maybe you should try the refresh rate fix for Nvidia ? - I dont know the link or details because I have no need (no NEED I TELL U) :D
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    S.E. Florida
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    CS sucks now

    because of that new cheat going around the servers are full of cheaters.. I HATE THEM ALL