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    Joey really wanted to bring something to heaven with him when he died so he prayed for a long time with no heavenly response. One night an angel came to him and told him that God decided to make an exception for him and he could bring just 1 item to heaven.
    So Joey went and bought the largest suitcase he could find, filled it full of gold bars, and placed it beside his bed.
    One night Joey died and found himself standing in front of St. Peter at the pearly gates with his suitcase of gold.
    St. Peter told him that he could go in to heaven but that he had to leave his suitcase outside.
    Joey told him that God had made an exception for him and that he could bring one into heaven with him.
    St. Peter goes to God to verify this and returns to Joey and tells him that he can bring the suitcase in but he has to check its contents first.
    Joey figures this is reasonable so he opens it and shows St. Peter the contents.
    St. Peter says, "You only brought pavement?"
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