Just had my dog put down.

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Unleashed, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Just got home from the vets where they did it. Last night his spleen ruptured so he bled internally. Lost his circulation so couldn't move more than his head at a time.
    Apparently it's quite common within GSD's, as was his furunculosis he had not long ago.

    This, coupled with my mum losing her job earlier this week, means my household is in the ****, as it were.

    Sorry about this, I just feel like dying.

    Anyway, this was him:

  2. GoNz0

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    sorry to hear about the dog m8, i never got over losing my 2 dobbies, would love another, but it hurts too damn much...
  3. Howling Wolf

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    I feel really sorry for you :'(
  4. a1ehouse

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    Gutted for you. Pets are part of the family.
  5. Jewelzz

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  6. Kush

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    yeah my bro-in-law had to put his dog to sleep to cuz he started biting to many people its, sad i liked that dog
  7. Perris Calderon

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    I'll never have another dog either...they die and it hurts so much
  8. Mathachew

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    Sorry to hear the bad news man. Losing a loved animal is just like losing your best friend. But hey, dying isn't going to fix anything. Things will work out. Just have a little faith. :(
  9. rushm001

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    I'm sorry to hear the news, I feel for you.
  10. electrickpirate

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    i feel for you. i have lost a few pets to date, two dogs and three cats so far. it sucks. you do get close. they become a big part of your life. it never becomes easier to loose a pet, but its worth it, i think. the years and years of love and friendship are worth the pain to me.

    i still think of them, and i smile when i do.

    sorry to hear of your loss.

    "better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all"
    Saint Augustine
  11. Dubbin1

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    Sorry it had to happen. Some people just do not understand how hard it is when you loose a pet. To me its just like loosing a family member or best friend. Hell it is the same. Again sorry to hear about your loss.
    As far as your moms job goes, it all seems to bounce back and turn out to be better in the long run. Keep your head up.
  12. Grandmaster

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    Sorry man. Hope you feel better soon.
  13. Tittles

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    dang...i felt sad when my grandma put her black lab to sleep :(. In about 2-3 years i think my huskey/wolf (simba) is gonna have to be put to sleep he is about 10 and he gets cranky and doesnt like doin much anymore.

    Hope u feel better!!!
  14. GoNz0

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    pets are family. i lost 2 sisters afaik that year. they both still guard the house in there caskets near the front door.

    trouble is every time i see them.. well go figure it out...
  15. gonaads

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    Sorry to hear it Unleashed... really sucks. :(

    It really sucks for peps that have Dogs that their lives are so damn short to begin with.

    I have a Cat and I know that he will live a far amount of time, but still Not like us Humans. :(

    Now my Cockatoo (Sulfur Crested Cockatoo)... She's a different story, she will out live me, 80 years on average.

    It's hard when you get so attached to a pet... and then... :( :(
  16. Son Goku

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    Sorry to hear. It isn't easy. My last dog... Lets just say that I came out o college about 7 years ago, and we couldn't have pets in the dorms or on-campus appartments. I planned on having her come out, when I got a place I could keep her.

    She never made it. Several years ago (I moved off campus in January 2001) my mother told me that they had to put Patches to sleep. She had lost her hearing (didn't know dogs could go deaf before then), had become next to blind, and she could barely recognize people anymore unless they were right up next to her. She also couldn't eat, and well... She was a most unhappy dog at the time, nothing could be done for her, and from my mother's account she moaned? a fair amount. Patches was 16.

    My parents nearly went through it with a pup they recently got, though the pup finally pulled through. They got a pup from a shelter about 3 months ago. The pup fell sick, couldn't eat too well, and had to be carried out to go to the bathroom. They took the pup to the vets, and the pup's red blood cell count was really low.

    The pup was given a blood transfussion, and then sent home. A few days latter, the pup was back in the vets, and it was iffy if the pup would survive the night. Just long enough for my parents to get attached, and then... Turned out the pup has an auto-immune disease where the immune system attacks the red blood cells. The vet believes the pup will need to be on steroids for the rest of her life...though last I was told they didn't want to prescribe anything until the rest of the lab work was completed.