Just a point for you upgraders;

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  1. If your thinking of upgrading it is fine, but also remember before you upgrade and you think your going to keep you old atx tower to check your power supply if your going to go 1.2gig are above, 1.2gig and above require you to have a 300watt power supply are bigger, of coure a 1.2 will run on a 250watt but will have problems. Some ppl do not look at this issue before upgrading and then do not understand why there system wont run correctly. Its awsome to upgrade for gameing but make sure you got the juice included in your upgrades.
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    What was the recommend PSu for the Athlon 600 ?
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    my personal opinion, i wouldnt go anything under 300w unless i was running something 500Mhz or slower....

    ...but hey thats just me.