Jumpdrive malfunction

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by joecele, May 18, 2005.

  1. joecele

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    I have a jumpdrive sport 512MB that yesterday wasnt recognised by my laptop. Windows XP says the device is unknown, then says may have malfunctioned. When I go to troubleshooting, it says no drivers are installed for the device. Is it possible to get an installation for my jumpdrive? I also noticed the the LED doesnt flash when plug it into a comp. Tried a couple of comps now.
  2. LordOfLA

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    sounds liek a usb 1/1.1 device being plugged into a USB 2 port... you just have to remove/reattach the device till windows works with it in my experiance.
  3. ShepsCrook

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    I don't know about it being a 1.1 device as the problem. But there are ways of installing drivers for your jump drive. Just go to the mfr. website and look for the drivers for it.

    Although, Windows XP shouldn't have a problem using default drivers for flash drives.
  4. Mastershakes

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    how true, how true. Surprised you didn't say the hardware was dead :)

    Try this:

    To resolve this problem, install Windows XP SP2, and then update the drivers for the USB devices that are connected to your computer. To update these drivers, follow these steps:1. Click Start, click Run, type devmgmt.msc, and then click OK.
    2. Double-click the type of device that you want to update.
    3. Double-click the specific device that you want to update.
    4. Click the Driver tab, and then click Update Driver.
    5. Follow the instructions in the Hardware Update Wizard.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each USB device.

    The default drivers should fly - only time I've needed specifiec USB drivers was for old Win98 builds.
  5. joecele

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    My jumdrive is a 2.0 and Ive been using it for the last 6 months. I suspect a virus killed it. Looked thru device manager and tried mastershakes instructions but XP failed to get a suitable driver for it. Looked thru the net and there are only drivers for windows 98. Lexar says that xp drivers are n/a. The hardware may be dead, and Id like to know if I can resurrect it.
  6. Taurus

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    i think the drive itself is fine. a couple times i've plugged my usb2.0 hd enclosure into a new comp and it will pick it up as unknown device. i think the last thing that worked was unplugging it and uninstalling the usb host controllers for that computer. let xp pick them back up and reinstall them then try the drive again.
  7. Kush

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    try using different usb ports? or using it on another pc?