Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ice-Freezer, May 23, 2002.

  1. Ice-Freezer

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    What do u think of jetway motherboards?
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    I've NEVER heard that name for mobo's in my life...I'm not always a brand man but usally I tread lightly when it comes to a company that I've never read or heard about just in case...
  3. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    Utterly trouble free, just not very exciting. I use them all the time in office and low end gaming machines.
  4. Freakzilla

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    I've got a Jetway I401 (non raid) in my system at the minute. No problems with it and quite happy. I am upgrading to Asus though but ONLY because I want to go to DDR Ram and I have got a cracking deal on an Asus mobo at a UK company. They priced it up wrong!! When I bought it I paid £66 for it when I had seen it at between £90/100 at other places. I checked on the price last night where I got it from and it is now £109!!!!!
  5. XG8

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    Yeah ive had that many jetway boards(not that ive needed to replace them. just that ive got so many computers)... all good....
    Using one in my AMD XP1700+ cpu, I have friends who have gone to the cheaper alternative the gigabyte boards, eventually it failed and he went to a jetway and never had a problem again...

    The options in the BIOS, seem as much as would need, of course the asus boards have abit more go... but it so has the $$$ attached to it.

    Definately a good and non expensive board.
  6. Ice-Freezer

    Ice-Freezer Guest

    thnx for the opinions :)