jetAudio 5.01 released

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    An update for the one of the best mediaplayers around:

    What's New in jetAudio 5.01

    Bug fix of jetAudio
    • Sometimes playlist window was displayed incorrectly when always-on-top was selected.
    • Video window was displayed incorrectly when skin was changed.
    • Crashed when .mov file was stopped after playback.
    • Fixes a problem in subtitle features when pre-buffering option is selected.
    • Fixes a problem in tag writing.
    • jetAudio automatically changes special characters such as '/', '?' when ripping audio CD.
    • jetAudio could not play/import .m3u file properly.
    • Title of track in taskbar did not change in accordance with the change of track.

    New Features of jetAudio
    • Support OGG streaming
    • Support track number in Tag Edit feature
    • Transfer of Tags at the time of conversion from file to file
    • Automatic tagging at the time of CD ripping based on CDDB information
    • Support MPC file format (Playback only. in BETA stage)

    Bug Fix of jetCast
    • MP3 encoder was not selected properly for MP3 broadcasting.
    • Sometimes, WMA broadcasting was failed due to improper encoder selection.
    • Buffering was occured when Stop button of jetCast was pressed.

    New Features of jetCast
    • By using port-forwarding feature, outer network user can have access to the broadcasting even if broadcasting computer has an internal IP address. (connected to internet via router)
    • Can change playback options (such as crossfading) of multiple tracks.
    • The user can have choice of input device; the input device used to be limited to microphone before.
    • Addition of Que-up option.

    Download & Info
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    It's a nice program, I just got it :)