Java..whats going on..?

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  1. Hi when i try to access certain sites i get this java thing come up..and it says do u want to d/l..if i click yes the time comes or remaing 45 mins or so..but nothing acytally happens...?

    can some 1 explaine this to me and how can i d/l it

  2. Thx Alec for the info..but when i click on update it goes to the site scans the updates etc..but i cant find anything related to 'java'

    When i have tried to install updates they have been there are updates to be made but everytime i try and update them it comes back unsuccsful, however some have been insatled ok..hope this makes sense.
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    Java is Sun's baby and Microsoft and Sun have had a lover's tiff,
    Microsoft decided not to include java in ie6, instead offers to download a version which is a couple of years old!
    have a look here for the real thing