James Bond 007 Nightfire

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Rebs, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. Rebs

    Rebs Guest

    Has any 1 played this game already? I wonder if it's good or otherwise. Read the review and I wonder if it's worth buying.
  2. Joseph

    Joseph Guest

    Just picked up 007: Night Fire today.
    All I can say is "DAMN!"

    To put you all at ease, this is nothing like the demo what so ever. It plays like silk on my system with all detail maxed out.
    And I must say, what details :eek:
    Crisp texture design, vibrant colors, awesome models... the list goes on.
    "Q" hasn't let you down either! Tons of sweet toys to play with like a cell-phone grappling hook, multi-spectrum sun glasses, even the traditional laser watch :D

    I think the problem with the demo was poor "VIS"ing.

    When a map is compiled, part of that process is VISing. What that does is calculate everything and anything visable from every possable viewing angle. What it does with this information is adjust what the game will show at any given moment from your point of view.

    Poor VISing will keep alot of the map loaded into graphic memory (even if you can't actualy see it), this causes MAGOR FPS problems.

    Good VISing will not load what you can't see into graphic memory, untill you can acualy see it. This give you the best possable FPS at any given time.
  3. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    your sound looks good, I watched some movies about it 007 was shooting from a helicopter I liked that , but my damn luck I bought The Thing and it's really suck wasted my money for nothing. you can't change the gamma resollution in the game and the camera angles yuuuuuuuuk :mad:
  4. tengcm

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    It's suck !
  5. avsdotcom

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    Bond does look nice, but it's only been getting moderate reviews from what I've seen, around the 60% mark, which doesn't bode well. Its all fine n dandy a game looking the business, but if the gameplay blows then whats the point ? Disappointing, as I was hoping for something special with a Bond game on PC.

    As for the Thing, you can change the resolutions in the options, cos I have it running at 1600 x 1200 :)
    If I remember rightly you have to be quick when changing it, otherwise it just wont change at all, which is very poor admittedly :(
  6. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    you can change the screen res. but the gamma res connot be changed. Gamma res. is the color depth i.e how dark you want it to be. I can't soften it.
  7. avsdotcom

    avsdotcom Guest

    sorry, my bad. My eyes must be getting worse - I read 'game resolution' instead of gamma resolution :eek:
  8. the_music_man

    the_music_man aka prodj88 =P

    it looks great on gamecube and by the way the plot and missions are diff from the pc version and the xbox/gamecube/ps2 version which is weird!!!