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    Israel the "the apple of Gods eye"has the God given right to defend itself. But acorrding to the world view, Israel should do nothing to protect itself . What do you think?:p
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    I think you should keep politics out of this forum.

    What you believe is up to you but I don't think your ideas should aired here.

    Remember, this forum has people from all over the world, not just America so please keep your political views to yourself or find a forum that caters for that sort of thing.
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    Are you the moderator? I did not think so. Besides this is general chatter, post anything here the web page says or did I read it wrong?
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    You should not post this type of subject due to the fact that there are many, many veiws and opinions that can create a very heated and volatile topic. And being the Moderator or not that doesn't mean squat! But snapping... on the part of anyone such as what you are putting across by telling Smokie if they are the moderator or not, that shows if someones opinions differ from yours this will become a dangerous post. Plus the situation in the Middle East has far too many underlying hidden agendas that we/us posting any sort of opinion is foolish since we as a whole do not have even 1/10th of the picture except for what we get in Newspapers and on Television News Casts. Only if we worked for certain Gov. Agencies would we know the whole picture. And then we wouldn't say a word. Tread lightly this could get nasty. :D
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    Well here we go again! Display Bart pulling his pants down and you have the name gonaads? And you say this could get nasty?! The fact is, this is what is happening in our world today, we are at war. Our military takes casualties. Look the other way if you will but God forbid anyone to bring it up! I will post what I will as long as it does not break any rules of this web site. Besides if you don't like what you see theres something called the back button on your browser. I see things on here all the time I don't like. But I do not tell people what they can or cannot post! Do you see me telling you, you cannot post? Did I tell Smokie he could not post? If you are gonna tell someone what to do that more or less restricts freedom that is within the rules of this web site and then expect me not to respond? If I said what yall are sayin to me, to you. You know exackly how you would respond. The same way I am. Who's being Bias now? Even God gives us a choice. Besides if this web site would make another chat catagory for christains maybe we would not butt heads all the time! But they don't, so us christains are here to stay, and besides I did not start this one now did I?

    Gaurd your freedoms or you will lose them!
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    Christains? Geezz, Now you're gonna get into Religion? Man you got issues. :p Hey post what you will. It was a suggestion... Freedoms, taking sides, opinions to the such, hollier than thou... blah blah. What ever floats yer boat. Enjoy :D And as for guarding your freedoms. That's why I can post my opinion as to what you say also. You bring religion into the mix, Sh!7. That's why they're killing each other in the Middle East. Fanatical religion... It's our way or else. Blah blah blah.
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    Ahhhh! calm down you 2
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    Hey, Ain't no thang. I'm done anyway. I'm gonna keep my opinion on the trouble over there to me. :D
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    Now this is most strange. The Header says, POLL. Israel.

    Not, discuss Israel. :confused:
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    Everything over there is about religion, It's hard to comment on Fanatical Religious beliefs going back thousands of years.:(
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    Don't make me come in here again. :mad:
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    Could not agree more on posting what you want as long as it's within the rules. And thats the point I've been trying to make. I don't care when someone post an opinion either for or against whats being said here. But when someone makes that opinion "sound" like that I don't have the "right" to give my opinion or someone else to post theirs, or to "go" some where else to post that subject, thats where I draw the line. Your comment about religion. I may not like it, but Thats your opinion and I respect that. I'm not gonna say "you" can't say that here or go some where else to say that. The opinion that you make either for or against the post is of no concern. That why this thread was started. To get opinions. That's what the poll is for too. Now do you have an opinion about the subject that Amer-i-can started? If not, Then all of this was rather pointless! ikester
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  15. kill um all

    **** palestine. Frankly I'm tired of America defending these extremely rightwing muslim nations because we buy there oil. India has wanted to eradicate pakistan and probly more for a long time and we have told them not to time and time again, Israil has defeated three surrounding nations at one time taken land and then given most of it back. I don't think violence is right but at this point I say F*ck um. Let all the countrys that wouldn't mind clearing out the middle east entirely and astablishing stable well educated nations. Granted innocent people would die, but innocent people will die also if we continue this pussiefooting. I say get it all over at once and take the middle east for the educated nations of the world f*ck the ignorant.
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    quick thing i wanted to point out before this place goes out of hand...

    um... the so called FACTS that a lot of the people are posting here are nothing but propaganda... just for your info...

    israel is on occupied land, what was once palestine.. thats a fact...

    palestinians are blowing themselves up to be heard... wrong thing to do but a fact...

    israelis are trying to stop the suicide bombers to protect their civilians... fact...

    palestinians are being oppressed... heck yeah... FACT...

    now on the india/pakistan issue...

    india has never in its entire history STARTED a war with another nation... fact

    it has fought 3 wars with pakistan, one of which was based on the rights on bangladesh and 2 on border issues... namely kashmir... and won all of them... fact...

    india was forced to return back land that it had catpured in 2 of the 3 wars and a separate line of control was setup after international intervention led by america... fact...

    pakistan/india issue has nothing whatsoever to do with ISRAEL and this message thread... FACT

    the educated nations of the world have caused more blood shed than the non-educated so called native/wild/dumb people of the world... for reference see crusades/conquistaors/world wars et al... FACT

    so yeah great idea to let the educated people of the world take over...

    now for ikster... I totally respect the fact that you have opinions... it is the way you package them that is not totally right... rights you may have in america, such as sueing over the size of a hamburger... you do not have in many other nations... also if you do not know everything about the issue in question and issue bigotted or racist statements... they will not be taken kindly.. there is a difference between an animated but civil debate and buffoonry... please toe the line and perhaps xsiv will not shut this off :) coz he is GOD...
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    No racist or biggoted comments will be allowed. Keep them out of here.

    Don't let EP here you say that. ;)
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    lol what I really meant to say is xsiv is god but EP is UBER god...

    but what do I know... I'm the janitor... I'm just here to clean up the crap...
  19. hah chistians in crusade times educated hah!

    If you remember your history lessons, chistians during the crusades where probably the most ignorant people on earth.

    I'm not chistian or beleave in any religion at all.

    I beleave true enlightenment comes when one realizes that they are god of themselfs, no one makes there decisions for them. Only people without the gumption to rule there own lives need god.

    fact the problem would be gone if the ones causing the problem where gone!
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    This is really getting old.