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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Khimaros, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Khimaros

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    can anyone tell me what i have to do to get clone cd/nero to recognise a file as an iso. simply renaming the file extention doesnt seem to work :(
  2. brunsodj

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    What type of file was it originally?

    In Nero are you clicking File > "Burn Image"??

  3. Khimaros

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    the isos are dungeon seige and..

    medal of honour allied assault.
    i tried with clone cd, changing the file names to iso or bin, but i cant see the files to burn to cd from the open iso window
  4. Khimaros

    Khimaros Guest

    k, i downloaded the files, and they arent recognised by nero or clonecd, but i can see the files are there using isobuster.
    i just need something to get them onto a cd and working.
  5. get fireburner. and use that one instead of nero
  6. ToastedSoul

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    Get the "Deamon Tools" (use google, best of all: it's free!), download the .bin and .cue files, then mount the .cue file with deamon tools. this creates a virtual cd-drive which you can play from directly, without having to burn the image at all (faster loading times... )!

    If you want to burn it on a cd: mount the image, then use clonecd and copy from the virtual cd to a real one.
  7. john30uk

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    I did same ended up using 2 winrar files 1 was cd1 2 was cd2 then i extracted with winrar to 2 new folders i put bellow the winrar files.
    After extraction you end up with a CUE and BIN file i each new folder and a useless sys info icon thats not needed.l
    You then install a programme called DEAMON which is normally used as part of a DVD TO SVCD rippin kit.
    As you said you cant see the files but when you mount the CUE or BIN file in the VIRTUAL DRIVE that DEAMON makes you will be able to install the game as if it is a real cd and a real cd-rom drive,obvisiously you need to unmount disc 1 when asked and mount disc 2.
    You will still need a serial number or key and a patch for no-cd play,i got them all from a site called K--ZA.
    Use a bit of guesswork as im not supposed to say the bad name above on here,enev thought one of the moderators who doesnt like this kind of talk has answered you already.
  8. Khimaros

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    Got the daemon tools and it's working great, thx john and Toast. Really appreciated :D