is win Xp compatible with ms money 98? help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jam_buster, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. jam_buster

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    I have tried the normal route of product compatability through microsoft's web site (i think) and can't find anything (yes i know it's a bit old now) .This is the only thing i have that im not sure about so it's a bit frustrating.

    Please can anyone shed some light on this, if anyone still uses it? Does it work (i use online banking too)

    Many thanks, (great site, very helpful and friendly)

  2. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    Check the box to see if it lists Windows XP as a supporting operating system; I'm sure it's not b/c it's old, maybe there is an update you can get or patch...if not then you'll have to get Money2002
  3. jam_buster

    jam_buster Guest

    It came out in 1998 so it has windows 95 / 98 on box as required but i'm currently running it with ME and there are no problems. Is it a possibility that it may be rejected by XP or does the chance of that no really exist. Sorry i have no idea quite how choosie XP is with software.

    As i'm aware there are no updates or patches in any form so i guess the software would be as when win 98 came out if that helps.

    Thanks for the reply CiRe,
  4. Ci2e

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    I can help you further if you contact me through AOL's Instant Messenger at "CiiiRe" hope to talk with you later :)
  5. PJC

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    I dont Know about Money 98 but I was using Money 99 on Xp with no problems .

    Ive now upgraded to Money 2002 and its much better in my opinion