Is there such a thing ?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Leevoy, Nov 3, 2003.

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    3 years ago I was reading yahoo info pages and came across an article saying about broadband.

    At that time I had an amd 388 ghz processer k7.

    O.K. article headlined the whole volume of a cd rom copied from usa to germany in under 17 seconds.

    So about 700 megs transfered to germany in about 17 seconds.

    If one day speed is uncapped and we end up with super sonic type speeds, will hd have to be faster than your connection speeds?

    Will cpu's, memory, hd's and ops be able to handle this speed?
    Is it a point in having speeds of light connections?

    I mentioned the amd processor as i don't think it would handle the fast internet connections we have now. I have a pent 4 1.545 cpu now and sometimes I don't feel ne faster than the 388.
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    Its possible using literally dedicated gigabit or higher internet lines, or new technology such as Internet 2. Though i doubt bandwidth like that would reach the home anytime soon.

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    Right now phone companies run OC-48's or OC-192's between switches at up to 10Gbps, at about 85% throughput, works out to about 1.1GBps, which current RAM can already handle. Really high end servers run huge clusters with 4GB of RAM per processor and run entirely off of RAM, without hard drives at all. With 64 bit processors running up to 16TB of RAM or whatever, even if hard drives don't speed up, it won't really matter.
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    I did my thesis on Photonic computing back in college a few years ago. Between that and quantum mechanics, the future of computers is going to be pretty damn intense.