Is there anyway I can have 4 Hard Drives?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Alex_is_Axel, Mar 17, 2003.

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    Goodevening everyone,

    I have currently 3 Hard Drives in my computer inwhich are:

    Western Digital 120gb
    Western Digital 120gb
    and Fujitsu 40gb (which is my main)

    So looking at my computer specs, i am using up all of my slots when i include my DVD/CD-Writer Combo. I am wondering, if there is a way inwhich i can put another hard drive onto my computer? If so, what are the cables i needed? Are there any IDE cables out there which have 3 outlets on them instead of 2?

    Thank you for your time and help

    Sincerly Alex :cool:
  2. Bretenn

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    no u cant...
    buy an add-on card...
  3. LeeJend

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    You can get a RAID control card for a PCI slot. Maxtor makes a good one. The RAID controller card will give you total of 4 IDE channels (your existing 2 plus 2 new ones) with 2 drives per channel you get a total of 8 drives (HD or CD or DVD etc).

    Of course you have to have:
    Drive bays to put the drives into. And make sure your computer is compatible with the RAID card you get. And make sure your power supply can handle the extra drives figure 350w absolute minimum, better to have 400 w if you're going to put that many drievs in. And that the case can get the extra heat out (at least one intake fan and 2 exhaust fans).

    Why not just sell one of your existing drives adn replace it with a large one?

    Search the forums here for info on using the RAID cards. tehre should already be some discussions.
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    i use a promise ata133 4 channel ide card, i have 1 hard drive and 3 cd roms on the motherboard and 4 hard drives on the ide card.