is there an app. or reg or tweak that lets me log in xp automaticlly.

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  1. is there a reg, tweak or setting or app. dat i could use to log in xp automataclly. well, i dont konw there is only one user n this pc, and i have to log in. I use the winxp pro and everytime i boot up i need to hit enter or to log in. Can i use a prog or tweak or any other thing dat will log in me automacitylly.
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    If you disable all other account it should allow you to login automatically, also your accounts needs to have a blank password, but if that doesn't work these are the reg entries you'll need. Add the following entries to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon key

    DefaultUserName (Binary) "Your Username"
    DefaultPassword (Binary) "Your Password"
    AutoAdminLogon (DWORD) "1"

    Hope this helps
  3. loppdawg69

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    or you can download tweakui it also will allow you to do this.
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    An easy way to do this without changing any settings is to switch off the machine using hibernate instead of shutdown. The only atch with this one is it uses about 600 Mb of HD so hope you have plenty to spare.