Is there a way to lower PING in XP

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  1. hi guys, i was wondering how do i lower my ping on XP, is there any tweakers out there or settings, what i did was set my coms port to 11500 and i set this string to it S11=50 which makes it dail faster, is there any other way or something i missed.???
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    What does your dialing speed have to do with your ping???
    I'm not sure you can do anything to improve it (unless it's very high due to a missconfiguration/broken hardware).
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    Duno what your ping is like but in counter strike i can get 140 and slightly better. However this is because i changed modem, my old one was not a traditional win-modem but still used alot of my processor as much as 20%, having switched to a external 56k i get the above pings. I also find that only running a 433 it makes games run much smother when online. My only other sugstion is change ISP or the number that u dial for the isp you are with. I am with Freeserve anytime but bt who i was with was also a bit slower, and aol do noy touch them all the pings i have seen in the uk for aol where 400+

    Hope that helps someone
  5. Hi, you mention something about freeserve, well my contract wit MSN wit gonna run out pretty soon, and i was wondering it freeserve free and a great services??
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    You can improve ping speed by getting a faster internet connection. That's about your only choice (that will change anything).
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    Yes,I agree with you.
    When i had ping issue on my Xp,
    I improved my internet connection.Now i have better ping rate than before
    Finally i checked my new ping using I got good results.