Is there a way I can use the Windows Activation File on another computer?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GhettoKev2003, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. OK I know that if you save the Windows Activation File (wpa.dbl) onto a Floppy Disk, you can use that file if you need to re-activate windows by replacing it with the new one, that way you wont have to re-activate. My question is, can you use that same file on a different computer with Windows XP that has not been activated to cheat your way out of activating windows?
  2. Wpa

    Why I never thought of that! It just might work :D
  3. Sazar

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    dunno bout this... lol

    of course I have never tried this and I am sure you MAY just suceed :)

    g.luck and let us know how it turns out :D
  4. madman

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    it will work...noff said!!
  5. Wpa

    Well krap....I was just reading and The WPA.DBL Saves the current Configuration of your computer thus if you dont install on the exact same computer I dont think it will work.....dang it
  6. allan

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    No, it will only work on the orignal system.
  7. Gary Pandher

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    it should this.......i think :D
    well....get 2 hard drives....same kind......
    install wat u need and everything on one of them....keep the 2nd one out of it while u finish fixin up ur windows n how u like it :D

    then ....take the other....and make an exact replication of the first.....
    plug it into the same computer...without the first hd in it...
    boot up...n try the wpa.dbl file.....
    tell me if it works like thatttttt :D
    if it does....well....we all in for a lil fun :)
  8. Re: Wpa

    I tried...and it didn't work at all!!!
    Forget about it!!!!
  9. Gary Pandher

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    it is???....
    where? :confused: