is there a way around this?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by john-kim, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. john-kim

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    A freind of mine has just replaced his mobo, hard drive, and prosseser, he has a restore disk with win me on it, but when he tries to reformat he gets a message that says this is not the right computer, is there a way around this problem. Thanks
  2. Zodiaq

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    I think you can transfer the data from the old HDD to the new one and then use the Restore Disk and Format.

    I had an HP Pavillion and ran into the same prob.(HP SUCKS!!!)
    I just said screw it and got XP...woohoo!!!
  3. john-kim

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    Thanks, I will give it a try, this is a Systemax comp, hope it works, I also think I seen somewhere to copy the i386 folder from the disk but I could'nt find it.
  4. MadHaXX()|2

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    i have a systemmax comp too. the os that comes w/ the system is a bundled os, and is set up for that system. it has all the drivers & crap for the old comppnents.

    try putting the old system back together and changing 1 part @ a time (except for mb & cpu) or fdisk the old drive, reformat it , and reinstall the os (btw you cant use that cd that came wit it, thats just for restoring)