Is my monitor dying?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by devynal, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Hey all -

    I noticed in the last few weeks my monitor, albeit it could be my video card (I hope not), is acting funny. Every few days or so, but no set time, the screen will flash and become very stretched to the right. The mouse will then no longer line up on the screen and I have to guess where it is actually clicking. Adjusting something minor in display properties, such as color depth, will force the monitor to display correctly again.

    I also noticed this while playing games like EQ, America's Army, etc. where for a split second the screen will flash into pixelated garbage then return to normal.

    The monitor is a Viewsonic 19" E90fmb (probably 4-5 years old) and the video card is an eVga 5700 Ultra around 6 months old. Any ideas?
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    I had this problem when I had a GF4 ti4200. What dets are you using? As it only happened to me when I used 50 series drivers, but never happened with the 40 series.
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    You may want to shut down the system and then unplug the Vid card then reseat it in it's slot. Then reboot the system and see if it clears up. It sounds like a bad connection. Also while you're at it, check the Monitor cable connection at Vid card. Some people that tend to open their boxes often don't screw down the little screws in the connectors. Don't know if you do that but they can come loose. Also clean out all the dust from inside especially from the Vid card. Large amounts of dust that may have accumulated on it could cause it to run hotter than normal and it could get twitchy. :)
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    Thank you for the replies - it makes me think it is the dets. I've been using the latest ones on Nvidia's site - April 1st.