Is My Comp out Of Date???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by XP Abuser, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. XP Abuser

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    Hi All I wanna know if it worth upgrading my system or even building a spanking new 1 cuz im bored and i have a bit of money to spare any comments welcome thanx!

    Heres My Spec:
    XP Pro (sp1) *Thats Ok*
    Athlon XP 1500+ (1333Mhz) Not Oc'd
    Pc133 256mb generic
    Some Lame Unknown Motherboard By Microstar (ms-6511)
    Onboard ac'97 sound
    ati radeon ve 32mb sdr

  2. vdubVR6

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    I would stick with what you have, the board is by MSI which is a good company. You do need to think about upgrading RAM and video, see if you Motherboard supports a higher processor(it should) if it does go a step further with a new CPU. And if you realy want to see if you can get Live or Audigy card to get you some 5.1 sound.

    p.s. maybe a DVD drive or something would be better?
  3. Mubbers

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    A computer is out of date as soon as it's purchased!!

  4. SPeedY_B

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    Agreed, more ram, better vid and you'll be sorted. Can't see any point in upping the CPU (depends what you use the box for..)
    but my theory is if it works, leave it be :p theres no point trying to stay right up to date with computers, as there's new things released every week.
  5. Taurus

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    - i'd definitely change out that video card. if you play games, that's definitely the reason you're getting poor performance. a geforce4 ti or radeon 9k-series would do wonders.
    - if you still wanna spend more money, i suppose a new motherboard is in order... a nice kt333 or kt400 chipset. something that will support that newer 333mhz bus processors (xp 2600+ and above).
    - get 512mb pc2700 cl2 memory to go with it.
    - you can keep your processor for a while until the newer 333mhz ones come out and go down in price.
    - if you get a new board, you won't really need a new sound card... since about all of them come with decent onboard sound.
    - as far as harddrives and optical drives, that's all up to you and what you feel you need.

    [edit] but, your system would be fine if you simply got a new video card. and maybe 256mb (512mb total) more memory since newer games will run short on 256mb and slow down.
  6. Nick M

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    Well; I don't think you can upgrade Windows anymore then it is :p

    As for the CPU; I say it depends on what you use the computer for. If used often; I check out what your board can support; and try to go for AMD XP 2000 or so.

    Ram; get some more; around 512. Again; see what your board can support at it's max.

    Sound: A turtle beach or an Audigy card will do good; unless you are happy with what you have at the time being.

    The video card! Ah my favorite. That you should upgrade. A GF 4 TI4200 128MB should be a great improvement over what you currently have.

    If you want a lot more performance when what you have; I suggest getting new mobo; KT333 with PC2700 DDR Ram; or a KT400 chipset.
  7. NetRyder

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    Don't bother upgrading the whole thing.

    As most people have said, get more RAM, and a better video card (that too, if you are into gaming)
  8. XP Abuser

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    yeh soz everyone i been out all day yeh ill definately get a new vid card i might wait till the new nvidia card is out but my motherboard doesnt support higher than 1600+ i think anyways im definately considering a new system cuz you cant really upgrade something without something else bottlenecking it anyway guys thanks 4 the help!
  9. chastity

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    Well as other folks said another 256 megs of ram and a newer video card and you would be sit for a little while. The thing is everybody as their own thoughts on how a system is outdated and to me that depends on what the system is used for. I do agree with the last part of your post which I quoted but I also think that depends on what you use the system for.