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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Herkalees, May 30, 2002.

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    I use a certain page counter on my website that tells me a bunch of info, like most. One of the bits of information it tells me is the time and date of each visitor for the last 20 days. Along with the time and date, it gives me the OS they use, the browser they use and most interestingly it gives me these:

    ...for each person. My question is, I kind've understand what these are, but I'm looking for more details... and even more importantly, using some kind of program or website, can I find out general location of the person (city at least, not address) that is represented by each one of those "things".
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    That would be on the boundary of peoples personal privacy.. tryin to locate them.

    why do you need to know where they are????
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    I know, it does seem a bit intruding... I'm not a young punk kid looking to cause havok. Just figured it would be neat to know at least the town they're looking at my website from...

    Anyway, we ca drop it there, or if anyone knows of something, I'm still interested... for good purposes only!
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    Those are hostmasks, or the DNS entry for that user's IP address. Theres a cool program called NeoTrace that can trace IPs to a point on a map.